No matter what the type of event you’re going to. Not having to drive to that event can make your night a lot more enjoyable. From a night out to the bar with friends to just a trip over to the Disney parks, there are many reasons to shop with Orlando Carriers to arrange a driver to pick you up and drive you home. Sedans, SUVs, vans and limousine are available for you to book via reservation. We at Orlando Carriers want to help take away all the aggravation of driving or parking you may face when you are trying to enjoy your night out. Here are some reasons to choose us instead of having to drive yourself or resorting to an Uber or taxi ride.

Cheaper Travel

Even if you are just going to dinner or out to the bar for a drink or two, having a big party with you can really make it expensive for parking alone! Parking 4-5 cars could possibly cost you the same amount of just arranging a ride through Orlando Carriers. Minimize the headache of making sure someone can drive home and just book a ride and split it among the whole group.


Laying out in the sun all day can really make you drowsy once the sun goes down. Tired driving can be just as dangerous as distracted or drunk driving. With a professional chauffeur, all you need to worry about is how to get into and out of a car. The ride will pick you up, drop you off wherever you please, wait for you and bring you back. Giving you the total convenience for your night out on the town.


Good occasions become great occasions when you have a drink or two with friends and family, but drinking and driving is something no one should ever do. Not only does it put yourself in danger, but, it also puts others on the roadway in grave danger. Eliminate any possibility of this by booking transportation to and from your night out with Orlando Carriers.


So you’re leaving the restaurant, you walk outside and look to hail a cab and five minutes go by, five minutes quickly turns into ten. After 15 minutes you immediately regret not arranging a ride home from your night out. Orlando Carriers drops you off and waits for you to be done. The moment you want to leave, you’re on the road home.


Honestly, who hasn’t forgotten where they have parked. It happens to me at least once a month. Arranging a ride to and from the event eliminates the annoyance of finding a parking spot, REMEMBERING the parking spot, and not having to shell out the cash just to park your car. Let Orlando Carriers help take some of the burdens off your shoulders. Those are just a small handful of the advantages of shopping with Orlando Carriers. Whether it be a wedding, prom, bachelor party, club hopping, business travel or concert going, Orlando Carriers can handle all of your needs. To browse our fleet of rentals or rates browse our site or call us (407)-620-8554.