Private Transportation Services

Private Transportation Services

private transportation services orlandoWhether you’re traveling for a vacation or business purposes, you probably don’t want to deal with public transportation. At Orlando Carriers, we get that. In fact, that’s why we exist in the first place. We’re here to give you the private transportation services you deserve, whether that means private airport transfers, private limousine service or private shuttle service for those of you in:

  • Orlando, FL
  • Tampa, FL
  • Daytona Beach, FL
  • Cape Canaveral, FL

And the surrounding areas! It doesn’t matter to us if you need corporate transportation services or private transfers — all you need to do is contact us, sit back, relax and literally enjoy the ride.

At Orlando Carriers, we understand that it’s tiring, not to mention a waste of time, to wait in long lines just to rent a car. For that very reason, we strive to be the transportation service company that helps you avoid those time-consuming lines. Since 1992, we’ve been providing private transportation services that are professional, reliable and courteous. We guarantee to be on time every time because we care about you and your need for transportation throughout the Orlando, FL, area.

Private Transportation for Special Occasions

Special occasions typically call for private transportation services. Here at Orlando Carriers, we’d like to be the company that provides those transportations services for you and your party. Whether you’re hosting or attending a special event, we bet the last thing you want to worry about is the transportation. If so, let us handle the transportation. We offer limousine transportation service along with private airport transfers and private shuttle services.

Orlando Carriers offers transportation for events including:

  • Corporate events and travel
  • Birthdays
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Anniversaries
  • Holiday parties
  • Date nights
  • Weddings
  • Sporting events
  • Proms
  • Graduations
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

And more!

When you use our service, you can concentrate on the occasion itself and plan an unforgettable day or night. We have a variety of vehicles for you to choose from, whether you’d like a limousine, 3-passenger sedan, 6-passenger SUV, or 10-passenger van. We also have options including a 52-passenger Motor Coach or 28-passenger Mini Bus.

Schedule Your Ride For the Date and Time of Your Choice

On our website, you can make reservations and schedule your ride for the date and time of your choice. We have a 15-minute pickup window, meaning that your transportation will arrive within 15 minutes of the time you scheduled with us. If you schedule online, you’ll also have access to various online account features, including the ability to track your driver as well as view financial reporting.

Our private transportation service, which serves people in Orlando, FL, Cape Canaveral, FL, Daytona Beach, FL, Tampa, FL, and other local areas, offers you the chance to privately ride to your destination in safety, convenience and flexibility.

The next time you’re wondering what to do about transportation, you can rely on us here at Orlando Carriers. We take our reputation for honesty, fairness and promptness very seriously, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. To learn more about our private transportation services, give us a call at 407-620-8554.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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